What is Ridley Academy? How does it work?

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2023

My name is Stephen Ridley, I am an artist, and the founder and CEO of RidleyAcademy; a company built with the purpose of making music education simpler, faster, and highly enjoyable. We help ordinary people unlock their extraordinary creative potential, and access a deeper part of themselves, far beyond what the student would ever expect. 

In this article I want to tell you who I am, what 'The Complete Piano Masterclass' is and how it works, direct from the source's mouth. 

Who is Stephen Ridley?

I'm Stephen! I come from a small village that had 40 people in South Yorkshire, England. I started playing when I was 2 years old, took local 1-on-1 lessons with Kim Latimer (Harworth) from around 9, formal training from 11 at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, quit lessons at 15 after my father died (found lessons extremely confusing, boring, disciplined and had enough). When dad died we became as poor as you can get in the UK.

I felt some need...

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