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Meet your instructor, and Founder of Ridley Academy, Stephen Ridley

"This was as simple and as graspable as I've come to expect from Stephen. I (wrongly) thought I knew piano before... but now I really understand for the first time."

Norman Wilson
Piano Teacher of 25 years

"This is beautiful. When I was listening to music, I was always wondering how do pianists manage to come up with all these melodies and combine all the keys and sounds to transmit a very specific mood. No i know how it works. This has uncovered a new world of music for me!"

Kristina Poluyanova

"This is medicine for my soul"

Priscilla McCann

"Did you come up with this?! You are a genius!! Dude I guarantee you that even the most erudite pianists never experienced this joy. You're taking knowledge, responsibility and control to a knew level!"

Devin Angus

"Today I actually had a spiritual experience while playing and drilling these scales. I suddenly began to feel a wonderful emotional-connection as I was playing the piano notes. It was very beautiful and calming and at the same time exciting. It increased my passion to really want to master communication of this fabulous instrument. It was like when you learn to drive and something suddenly slots in that you have more knowledge on and you can do that thing - but with a connection to it. You are a fabulous tutor/mentor Stephen!!! Thank you so much for bringing your Master Class into being!!! I have NEVER in the past with earlier piano lessons years ago, had this perception."

Barbara Wiggins



The Ridley Academy makes learning Piano simple, effective and fast. It does this in 3 ways;


Your teacher is a multi-award winning international pianist Stephen Ridley, who taught himself piano from the age of 2 before starting formal training at 11. He discovered in his early years, through much trial and error, a completely unique way to learn piano and understand music, which involved breaking down learning piano into 55 key steps, each as simple and time consuming as brushing your teeth, and that when properly guided through these in an exact correct order, mastering each one in turn, that they would inevitably end up achieving success.


Because we’re only ever teaching one simple step at a time, in a very easy gradient, it means you only ever do something you CAN do, you’re never doing something you can’t. We simply take what you can already do, such as wiggle your finger, or learn a simple piece of data, and we build on that, one very simple ability at a time. In this way, you end every single lesson with a win and an improvement.

This is important, as the only reason people give up is due to failure and lack of wins. We keep you winning, because when you are always winning, you will never give up! And in a very short time, you’ll ‘accidentally’ just end up knowing how to play!


This is about making pianists who understand music and can play. Gone are most of the technical words, gone is the latin technology (we believe it’s ineffective to teach in Latin given that nobody speaks Latin anymore!), and gone is anything that is not directly necessary for a mastering of the subject of music and the practical skill of playing piano.

We want to make artists who can play, not people who sound smart at dinner parties (although we do still teach the full subject of music theory within the course, so you’ll sound very smart telling people all about Syncopated Rhythmic Subdivision, but more importantly, you’ll know what it is used for and how to DO it!).

"My goal is to make one million artists, to give people the gift I’ve got, and to give them the enormous freedom, joy and depth that this skill gives me.” The Piano Masterclass is a complete guide to take ANYONE to becoming a pianist fast. The course takes just 3 minutes per day over 3-12 months, depending on study schedule, making it 150X faster than traditional methods. And takes anyone, of any age from ‘I’ve never touched a piano before’, to having a full understanding of the subject of music and being able to play piano, read and write music and learn any song, and develop an emotional connection to music, rather than just an intellectual one.


Information on The COMPLETE PIANO MASTERCLASS, exclusively delivered by your teacher, Mr. Stephen Ridley


We offer great savings for upfront payments, and we also offer the ability to pay for your course over 12 months. Contact [email protected] for more information.




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6-12 Month Programme 
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Includes RidleyAcademy Music Dictionary

Includes Stephen's latest guide to the best pianos and keyboards at each price point


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